MPEG2 Video Encoder for Mac

The MPEG2 Video Encoder for Mac is a great converting prduct for Mac OS X users which can encode popular video formats to MPEG2 and vice verse. The MPEG2 Video Encoder for Mac also can encode videos in various formats to some video players such as: iPod, iPad , PSP, MP4,Apple TV, mobile phone and more. Apart from this, you can also edit your video with the useful editing functions of MPEG Video Encoder Mac.

With the MPEG2 Video Encoder for Mac, we can easily encode mpeg video with MPEG2 codec. As known to all, MPEG2 specifies the format of movies and other programs that are distributed on DVD and similar discs. After encoding to mpeg2, you can easily burn to DVD disc in clicks.

User guide about the MAC MPEG2 Video Encoder

Free download and Launch MPEG2 Video Encoder Mac, then add your videos

Download the MPEG2 Video Encoder for Mac and install it with clicks. Then launch it, you can get the easy interface:

mpeg2 video encoder for mac

Besides the drag-and-drop, you can also find the Mac menu bar on the upper left and click " Add Files", to import video files. You can change the sequence of the videos by drag-to-move.

Select MPEG2 as your output format

Here we choose MPEG2 as the output format. Click the button marked in red on the below pitcure to select MPEG2 or "HD MPEG2" in the drop-down list of " HD Movie" .

Here, we can see, the Mac MPEG2 Video Encoder for Mac provides many video formats. You can convert between them as you like.

Start to convert

Click the "convert" cbutton to start conversion.
If you need to burn the encoded mpeg2 video to DVD disc, please refer to the DVD Video Encoder for Mac tool which can directly encode video to DVD in mpeg2 codec.


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